Terms & Conditions


This iTicket User Agreement regulates the terms and conditions with respect to sale and use of tickets, products and services by and between the İBİLET BİLET DAĞITIM BASIM VE TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ A.Ş. (abbreviated as “iTicket”) and the real persons by accepting the conditions of the contract who buy/use all kinds of event tickets, products and services (abbreviated as “User” and/or “Users”) that will be put up for sale on iTicket website ( www.iticket.com.tr), iTicket mobile application and/or other physical or digital platforms which iTicket products and services are offered (abbreviated as “Sales Platform”).

User hereby explicitly agrees, declares and undertakes that by using and/or signing up to the Sales Platform that he/she has read and understood this User Agreement and he/she is bound by the conditions of the contract and he/she will not act contrary to stated conditions and all relevant legislation. As per the User Agreement, following the booking of any ticket or service via Sales Platform User’s obligation to pay arises if such purchase is confirmed.

iTicket is entitled to unilaterally amend the User Agreement at any time. The updated version will be entering into force at the moment that is declared on the Sales Platform. Users have understood and approved beforehand that provisions of the contract may be amended by iTicket and the amended version will be valid at the moment it is published.

The Sales Platform and Membership

iTicket is the owner and operator of the Sales Platform and, as its main field of activity, is making sales of entrance tickets for concerts, theatre plays, cinemas, dance performances, operas, stand-ups, festivals, competitions, sports organizations, museums and archaeological/historical sites, exhibitions, centres of culture and entertainment and similar artistic, cultural, sportive and all other kinds of events included but not limited to those listed above (abbreviated as “Event” or “Events”) to Users together with offering other products and services to Users in connection with this main field of activity via Sales Platform.

iTicket may require membership for the access to the sale or presentation of tickets and services on the Sales Platform which previously did not require membership, can temporarily or permanently become non-membership to access to tickets and services, which can be purchased by requiring membership previously, may make some tickets and other products and services chargeable which were offered for free earlier, may offer additional products and services, change, transform, suspend or may make them disabled for use, may create special campaigns and privileges for Users with memberships which may also be subsequently ended.


User by registering on the Platform for membership will have a password which will be created by him/her. In addition, e-mail address and telephone number used during the registration to the Sales Platform are specific to the User and only one membership can be created with this e-mail address and telephone number. The password designated by the User is only known to the User.

User has the right to change his/her password at any time. The choice, keeping confidential and protection of password is attributed to the sole responsibility of the User. iTicket will never be responsible for the problems that may arise from the use of the password by third parties. User is required to enter his/her e-mail address and password that are submitted at the time of registration in order to connect to the services that requires a membership to the Sales Platform. gerekmektedir.

Cancellation of the Membership

User may terminate his/her membership to the Sales Platform at any time. iTicket has the right and authority to cancel the membership of any User, amend the form of the services offered and/or terminate such services without giving any reason prior.

The Users

By utilizing the services offered on the Sales Platform (at the discretion of iTicket, either by paying a certain price or free of charge) or by accessing the Sales Platform in any way, Users accepted that they have read the entirety of this Agreement, fully understood its content and they unconditionally accept and approve all of its articles and that they are adults (over eighteen years old) and have full legal capacity (not being a minor or interdicted) as per the Turkish Civil Code.

Users are obliged to fill in the required matters completely and explicitly when submitting information into the user information form on the Sales Platform. Users unconditionally undertake the accuracy of the information submitted with this form. In the event that the information submitted are inaccurate or belong to third parties, the responsibility to arise belongs to the relevant User.

Users who want to buy tickets without membership accept and undertake that they are over 18 years old, mature and fully licensed, not under guardianship/purchasing tickets with the permission of their guardians, in accordance with the terms of these terms of use. The Sales Platform or iTicket cannot be held responsible for any misuse or inaccuracy of this statement and commitment. Users who cannot access the event due to non-compliance with these conditions or the rules of the relevant Event Organizer/Event, cannot make a claim against iTicket or make iTicket legally liable.

The parents or legal guardians of the persons who are under 18 years old or interdicted/under guardianship are responsible for supervising and controlling the minor to register to or use the Sales Platform and for preventing the minor from registering or using the Sales Platform if they deem necessary and for taking necessary precautions accordingly in this regard. All kinds of liability that may arise belong to the parent or legal guarding who are obliged to supervise and control, in the event that the parent or legal guardian who are obliged to supervise such person does not take any precautions or with his/her own’s consent allows the minor or the interdicted to register or use the Sales Platform without membership.

Terms of Use of the Sales Platform

iTicket manages the Sales Platform, which entry tickets for Events are sold which is organized and operated by Event Organizers, and is not the owner of the Events where tickets are sold. Therefore, the relevant Event Organizer is responsible for any disruptions or unfavourable situations that may occur in the Events where tickets are sold through the Sales Platform. iTicket shall not be held responsible if any Event is not performed, although it is carried out, not of the manner and nature promised to Users, has content that violates the rights of the user or any other third party, causes bodily or economic harm to them and contains elements contrary to the law or general moral code. In such cases, the User asserts his/her rights to the owner of the relevant Event or the Event Organizer. In such cases, iTicket may provide the coordination requested by the legal authorities.

The Sales Platform is intended for personal use only. The User may make transactions and purchases from the Sales Platform for only himself/herself and without seeking commercial purposes for the persons who will participate in the Event together with the User in accordance with the limits that can be set separately with respect to each Event. The resale or re-trade of tickets and other products and services purchased from the Sales Platform to third parties is strictly prohibited. The information and documents which legal authorities can request from iTicket in this regard can be shared with the legal authorities by iTicket.

Users shall not share or transmit any kind of rhetoric and ideas through interactive areas on the Sales Platform that are illegal, threatening, disturbing, insulting or abusive, demeaning, racist, pornographic, irritating, politically motivated or immoral, requiring legal follow-up, creating or promoting to create a situation that would contradict the regulations such as the Law, the Regulation or the Communiqué or international agreements. The User may not engage in acts or actions that infringe the rights of iTicket, other Users or third parties in this way.

Users shall not use software or hardware to interfere with the operating system of the Sales Platform, cannot use or operate through software within the Sales Platform that will have bot, robot, spider, phishing, disruption and software that may cause similar consequences. In any case, the User may not be permitted by iTicket to conduct operations at a density that is incompatible with individual usage measures.

iTicket may impose a per-user sales limit on tickets, products and services offered for sale through the Sales Platform. Users are obliged to comply with the menstrual limitation imposed and it is forbidden for the same person to create more than one membership in order to exceed this limitation or to attempt to make purchases over the number determined by similar means. If such attempt is determined by iTicket or the relevant Event Organizer, the booking/ticket sale may be cancelled by iTicket.

iTicket may temporarily suspend the sale of tickets and/or provision of services within the Sales Platform, or may suspend it entirely. iTicket has no additional liability, commitment or liability to Users due to the temporary or complete suspension of the Sales Platform or other services in this manner.

Users shall not send or transmit any information, links or contents for commercial purposes that contain advertisements on the Sales Platform. User shall not make any requests or advertising activities, such as purchasing or selling products to or from Other Users. User shall not share bank account information, mobile phone number or e-mail address.

Without receiving permission from the owner or the person who entitled to such rights, Users shall not share, give links or directly transmit any information, software or other product that violate someone else's right to privacy, which infringes on the financial and moral authorship (copyright), protected brand, design or beneficial invention rights arising from the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and the Industrial Property Act.

iTicket may prevent the User from using the Sales Platform if the User does not comply with the User Agreement and the terms of use to be declared respectively by iTicket. In this regard, iTicket reserves all legal rights for the necessary situations.

Declarations and Commitments of iTicket

iTicket is not responsible for Users' writings in interactive areas within the Sales Platform or does not have to share the opinions written there. iTicket has the right to remove content added by Users from the Sales Platform without providing any reason.

In the absence of its negligence, iTicket is not responsible for any damages caused for User data being read by unauthorized persons (such as the User sharing his information with other people, not logging out when leaving the site, forgetting the phone in public on which the application is open or the phone being stolen etc.).

iTicket does not guarantee or warrant that the Sales Platform will be uninterrupted or error-free or that certain results will be obtained by using the website or its content or by connecting to the website. Within the scope of the services offered on the Sales Platform, no express or implied warranties and/or promises are made to the Users, including fitness for a particular purpose, uninterrupted continuity, updating, functionality, accuracy, and error-freeness. Since the Sales Platform and its content are presented in their current form, it is not guaranteed that the files uploaded, stored, downloaded, shared by the Users from here are free of viruses, contaminants or corrupting features. iTicket also disclaims any other express or implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Thus, iTicket cannot be held responsible in any way or form for any damages that may arise from its use.

iTicket may enable Users to switch from the Sales Platform to other websites. In this case, iTicket cannot be held liable for any damage, loss or unfavourable situations caused by the contents of the websites to which the User switches.

Protection of Personal Data

iTicket respects the personal rights of all Users and the right to privacy. In this context, iTicket is responsible for the retention and security of personal data obtained regarding the User or third parties. As set forth in the terms of this User Agreement and under the Privacy Notice the personal data of the User or third parties who own the data obtained (including the special categories of personal data) shall be processed, transferred, shared with official institutions or transferred pursuant to explicit consent given and with legitimate interests to business partners located domestically or abroad, Event Organizers, agencies and so forth, processed data shall be stored and erased by iTicket as per the Personal Data Retention and Destruction Policy in accordance with the policy of Processing and Protection of Personal Data, compliant with the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, the LPPD and secondary local legislation regarding personal data, Convention 108 for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data, The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other international standards in this field.


iTicket complies with national and international legal documents and binding rules regarding privacy. Considering the information that are private transmitted to itself through the Sales Platform or printed forms and should remain confidential, deeming it as a confidentiality obligation, iTicket undertakes to keep information strictly private and confidential, to ensure and maintain confidentiality, and to take the necessary measures to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of all or any part of confidential information to the public domain or to a third party.

Such information may be used to contact regarding the services provided through the Sales Platform, improve Users' experience, improve existing services, create new services and provide personalized services, as well as to make various statistical assessments without disclosing the identity of the person concerned, create databases, conduct market research, and use these for the time required to attain for the purposes of processing, storage and transfer to be utilized in marketing campaigns of business partners, annual reports and similar reports. iTicket may also use these data for any other purpose of generating revenue by anonymizing it. Users acknowledge and declare that not being limited to the purposes mentioned above, the usage statistics stated in the Privacy Notice may be stored and used by iTicket and processed in other means, and that this information may be anonymized and transmitted to third parties.

Financial information collected by iTicket is used to invoice purchased products and services. When booking and purchasing transactions are made on the Sales Platform, the financial information of the relevant user is transferred to the third parties which are necessary to carry out the transaction (banks, credit card companies, etc.) only limited to the purpose of processing. The information to be shared in this regard includes all necessary information including credit card number, expiration date, CVV2.

In transactions to be carried out in a safe environment, user information cannot be accessed by any person, institution and organization other than the bank itself that allocates the credit card to the user. The credit card transaction page transmits the card information directly to the bank POS system and informs the relevant user of the transaction result. Credit card information is not transmitted by e-mail or similar methods and is definitely not stored by iTicket. As a result of the online transaction, credit card information transferred cannot be accessed by iTicket.

User explicitly agrees, declares and undertakes that he/she is aware that all kinds of information and documents regarding tickets, other products and services on the Sales Platform for preliminary works and contract conclusion by iTicket, the working systematics implemented by iTicket and the fundamental characteristics of the matter of sales agreed with the provisions of the contract, (including type, quantity, quantity, which activity it is associated with, the price including VAT) membership information that is protected under the terms of use, any correspondence by and between the Sales Platform and the User, any information regarding the database and operation of the Sales Platform that may be known as a result of special effort but without the consent of the relevant person, all written or oral commercial, financial, technical and conversational information to be learned during any innovations and studies that are not subject to trade secrets or other legal protections are subject to confidentiality and he/she will not without iTicket’s consent share this information with the third parties during and after the duration contract, will not disclose them, he/she or others acting on his/her behalf will be jointly and severally responsible for conduct contrary to the prescribed confidentiality and damages arising from violations of privacy rules (including those caused by unfair competition) will be compensated from him/her.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Since all ticket sales are decisive as a rule under the Distance Sales Agreement to be established between the iTicket and the User, he/she may observe from the contents of the Pre-Information Form and the said contract that he/she does not have the right to withdrawal in accordance with Article 15 (g) of the Regulation on Distance Contracts, that he cannot return the tickets he/she will purchase on the basis of the right of withdrawal arising from the Law or Regulation, that he/she cannot request a refund of the sale price.

The User agrees, declares and undertakes that he/she knows the conditions which iTicket disclaims in full and terms of cancellation and refund as per the Distance Sales Agreement due to acts contrary to the rules of the Event, Venue and Event Organizer, due to wear, deformation or loss of the ticket, or due to force majeure, since the delivery conditions of the ticket that he/she receives as a result of the booking he/she will make from the Sales Platform are not fully and correctly fulfilled by him/her.

Intellectual Property Rights

All kinds of information, content, software, design, presentation, drawing, visual, auditory records and their editing, revision and partial/complete use and presentation; financial and moral rights of the author according to the Law numbered 5846 and intellectual and industrial property rights according to the Law numbered 6769 contained in iTicket's Sales Platform and in other areas where services provided belong to iTicket, except those owned by third parties. Products deemed to infringe on these intangible rights may not be copied, transmitted to the public, reproduced, used or processed in whole or in part without permission. The structure and content of the Sales Platform, all kinds of photographs, videos, visual materials, characters, drawings, animations, texts and other intellectual property-owned works used here are protected within the scope of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and the Turkish Penal Code.

Users should ensure that the content uploaded to the Sales Platform does not constitute a violation of the copyright and other rights of third parties or is not unlawful, which has deemed as works under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and other relevant legislation and subject to copyright. Otherwise, if the relevant copyright owner or its representative or other third party notifies iTicket of the use of the Sales Platform as a means of unlawful transaction or infringement, or if such unlawful situation is determined by a court order or with the admission of the relevant User, or if iTicket notices or indications of the existence of such a situation in any way, iTicket may revoke the User's right to access and/or use the Sales Platform.


These Terms of Use and the User Agreement shall take effect indefinitely with the approval of the User at the time of ticket purchase, whether or not they are a member.

The e-mail address and other contact information that the User has provided to iTicket shall be considered as the e-mail address where any notifications may be made under this Agreement.

All disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement are ultimately resolved by the Istanbul (Central-Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices and by the Provincial and District Consumer Arbitration Committees depending on the monetary limits, which are exclusively authorized, by applying Turkish Law.

Last Update Date: 22/12/2022