Ataturk Cultural Center

Ataturk Cultural Center
Ataturk Cultural Center
Gümüşsuyu, Tak-ı Zafer st., 34437 Beyoğlu/İstanbul
The Renewed Atatürk Cultural Centre

İstanbul AKM, which has left an indelible mark on the art memory of İstanbul and Türkiye, will reopen its doors to art enthusiasts on October 29, 2021, with a new image that pays homage to its previous architecture. 

With a 2040-seat Opera House designed with advanced technological equipment, an 781-seat Theater Hall, a 410-square-meter AKM Gallery, and AKM Multi-Purpose Halls, İstanbul AKM, where the art units affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be located as a resident institution, will host art lovers throughout the year.

İstanbul AKM welcomes collaborative and outside works, as well as established institutions' activities. It will give space to valuable artists and communities from home and abroad who wish to be a part of this scene, with its halls with great acoustic characteristics and new event spaces.

Today, as in the past, the Atatürk Cultural Centre serves as a gathering place for art aficionados. The Atatürk Cultural Centre, able to compete with its worldwide counterparts, will shine brightly from Taksim Square throughout İstanbul. Art institutions that continue their activities outside of İstanbul, depending on the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, will have the opportunity to meet with Istanbulites at the İstanbul Atatürk Cultural Centre.

Experience culture, arts in AKM’s Culture Street

Situated within the boundaries of İstanbul AKM, the Culture Street includes a culture stop that will cater to art lovers of all ages and origins.

While the Gallery and Multipurpose Hall come to the foreground as two stunning, unique attractions for exhibitions and other cultural events, the Music Platform, which will host long-termed exhibitions on music and the history of music; Children’s Art Centre, which aims to introduce arts to children aged 4-6 with its several workshops, and the Music Recording Studio which aims to encourage young people’s participation in arts and arts production with its highly developed technological equipment, can be cited among the main attractions of the Culture Street.

In addition to these venues, the AKM Library, a specialised library of much significance, stands out with its collection of over 20.000 books that focus on a wide range of fields including arts, design, and architecture. The Design Shop exhibits some products that have been specially designed to continuously recite İstanbul AKM’s history as well as a distinguished collection about İstanbul, whereas İstanbul AKM aims to offer its local and foreign visitors a few unforgettable experiences with its restaurants and cafés that serve some unique specialties from Turkish cuisine.

With our hearts filled with total excitement, we are “Welcoming AKM!”, the ultimate place where the heart of arts will be beating in İstanbul.